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Vehicle Painting in St. Marys, OH


Often when a vehicle needs repair, it also needs paintwork. If your vehicle’s paint was scratched from a shopping cart or during an accident, T & P Auto Body offers color matching to restore your vehicle’s paint to its original color. We typically use Axalta Coating Systems which is a top-of-the-line paint product. Your vehicle will look good as new when we are finished!

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Custom Paint Options in St. Marys, OH

Custom Paint Options

We utilize a wide color assortment from only the top brands. If you are looking for a unique paint color, we can create custom matches to ensure your vehicle’s coloring is up to par. Oftentimes, your car’s paint can be faded from the sun. When we recreate your car’s color, we take that into consideration and make a perfect match.
Paintless Dent Repair in St. Marys, OH

Paintless Dent Repair

We offer a more cost-effective solution for removing those small dents and dings. This is a great option for minor, unsightly damage caused by mother nature, a shopping cart, or any other unexpected bumps in the road. Paintless dent repair is when a technician gets behind the dent and slowly works it back into place. There is no sanding or painting involved, keeping it cheaper and easier. It doesn’t work if the metal is scratched, the dent is near the edge of a panel, or the dented area has had bodywork done before.

Pinstriping in St. Marys, OH


If you’d like to add a bit of flair to your vehicle, a pinstripe could do the trick! A pinstripe is a thin application of paint that is added as decoration to a vehicle. Although we do not add graphics to vehicles, we can definitely paint on pinstripes!


Do you provide towing services?

We don’t, but we can provide references to local towing companies we work with.

Do you need to make an appointment for an estimate?

No – simply stop in during our business hours at your convenience. We offer free estimates.

Do you do mechanical work?

At T & P, we focus on auto body repair, frame repair, and vehicle painting, and leave the mechanical work to the mechanics. Reach out for references to local companies we trust.

How long does an estimate take to write?

Typically, 10 – 15 minutes. We will take photos and go over the damages with you. Next, we input all of the information into our estimating program. When completed, we will make a copy for you and go over the estimate in detail. After all your questions are answered, we will schedule your vehicle to be repaired and send your insurance company a copy of the estimate and photos so you don’t have to.

Do you do window tinting or graphics?

No – our goal is to restore your vehicle to or as close to its original condition as possible. We have a local graphics reference we collaborate with.

Do I need more than one estimate for an insurance claim?

You only need one estimate – no matter if it is your insurance or someone else’s. In the state of Ohio, it is your right to take your vehicle to any repair shop of your choice. See for more details.

How large is T & P Auto Body Repair and Paint Center?

We are a small auto body shop with only five employees. Although small, we are mighty! Every customer receives exceptional service and upfront communication – so you will always know the status of your vehicle and the costs involved.

What happens if more damage is found during repairs?

Keep in mind that the original estimate is just that – an estimate. While they’re usually fairly accurate, the visual damage found during an estimate may not exactly match what’s found during the tear-down process. It’s not uncommon to find hidden damage. If more damages are found, we will reach out to your insurance company to communicate the added damages.

Will Genuine OEM Parts be used?

When it comes to parts, it will typically depend on your policy and what the insurance company has to say. The insurance company could ask us to use aftermarket or used parts to repair the vehicle, in which case, we do our best to follow their policy.

Can paint color be properly matched?

Yes! You can rest assured your paint color will match. The vehicle paint code helps us determine the car’s color and formula. In some cases, tinting and blending techniques are used to get that perfect match! This process can take some time and patience. Our technicians have the expertise to get your vehicle back to its pre-accident condition!

Do you only repair vehicles?

We also repair motorcycles!

How is a “fender bender” fixed?

Fenders and bumpers are designed to protect the vehicle. The bumper cover enhances the cosmetic look of the vehicle. Behind the bumper cover, the reinforcement and energy absorber protects the engine, headlights, and taillights. The fender slightly differs from the bumper. The fender is connected to the bumper and the unibody structure. A small scratch can usually be buffed out, but deep scratches take a bit more work. Bumper and fender repair may include repainting to match the rest of the vehicle.

Do we fix rust?

Yes, we do. Rust can be a major concern on your vehicle. Although rust on visible panels is mainly surface level, rust on the undercarriage can lead to mechanical issues.

Surface Rust: Surface rust is the simplest to repair since it hasn’t yet caused major degradation of the metal. You’ll typically find surface rust forming on small scratches or rock chips. Surface rust is generally sanded off. Once removed, we apply paint and a clear coat to help prevent the rust from returning.

Penetrating and Scale Rust: Deeper rust issues can be a bit more challenging. Penetrating rust refers to the type of rust that has already eaten through the metal. Scale rust is rust that has gotten into the structure of the metal but has not eaten completely through. We offer a few options to correct this by patching or replacing the affected area on the vehicle. We will then paint and add a clear coat to the vehicle to help prevent the rust from returning. Depending on the severity, fixing rust can become a very time-consuming and costly repair. We are happy to discuss the many options with you and answer any questions you may have.

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